Soul Oilfield’s Downhole Chemical Injection Systems

  • Complete Package Sales, Services and Specialty Installations of injection and instrumentation line.
  • Custom Built Trailered Units for effective, efficient and safe operations.
  • Dual Spool Capabilities with split shaft and independent motor technology.
  • Built in pressure testing system for onsite line integrity assurance during time critical work overs.
  • Chemical Injection Systems supply chemical continuously downhole at a controlled rated to the precise depth to where the problem is occurring.
  • There is no downtime or lost production with a Chemical Injection System as there is when batching chemical.
  • LOE cost reduction with a Chemical Injection System versus Backside Injection by roughly 75%
  • Purge pump along with adaptable suction for multiple fluid choices.
  • Custom Trailered and Trucked Spoolers built by owners.
  • Optimum Hydraulic System for complete control and safety.
  • Supply Specialty Check values, Injection Subs, Rupture disk’s, Instrumentation pigs, Conex Pack-offs & Hylok fittings.
  • Equipped with Onsite Digital Pressure Testing Equipment.
  • Built in safety features including Hand Brake and Spool Guards.
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