Soul Oilfield’s ESP Spooling

  • Soul Oilfield internally developed its Safety Program
  • Safety First Attitude that starts at the Top and is based on Consistent Communication between Management and Operators
  • Soul Oilfield Services offers Spooling, Banding and Clamping Solutions
  • Experienced Spool Truck Operators to ensure your ESP and Instrumentation Lines are Installed Efficiently every time
  • Multi Spool ESP and Instrumentation Trucks capable of Installing your ESP Cable and Two Instrumentation Lines Simultaneously
  • Instrumentation Trailered Units for Downhole Pressure and Temperature Sensor Installations and Fiber Optic Pipeline Installations
  • Based out of Nisku, AB we are close to all Major ESP companies


Soul Oilfield has several Auxiliary Services to support SAGD and Conventional Operations including:

  • Cannon Guard, LaSalle Protector Supply and Refurbishment Services
  • Hot Shot Services
  • Pressure and Temperature System Supply and Install
  • Burst Disc, Conex, Injection Sub, Pressure Gauge Supply
  • Capillary Tubing System Supply & Installation
  • Soul has its COR, is fully certified with ISNetworld and ComplyWorks
Downhole Instrumentation

Coil Instrumentation Manufacturing
Downhole Instrumentation