Soul Oilfield’s Instrumentation Coil Manufacturing

  • Complete Engineering and Manufacture of Downhole Instrumentation
  • Capable of Building Lengths up to 2000 m, diameters of Coil varying from 0.5” OD for BTTC, to 2.375” Coils for Full length monitoring to 36” OD for Pipeline Installations
  • Contract with the Wetaskiwin Airport to Access Off Runway Land
  • Installing Mineral Insulated or Polymer Insulated Thermocouples inside of ½” Bubble Tube to protect TC during Install for cost effective downhole Temperature and Pressure Monitoring
  • Instrumentation can be filled with Mineral Oil to ensure Hydrostatic Pressure control during Installation
  • All manufacturing is directly supervised by an Engineer to ensure strict QA/QC
  • Custom Quotes available for any of your Coil Instrumentation requirements
  • Fiber Optic Coils of any Design Criteria can be inserted into any Diameter Coil Tubing
  • Airport Provides Flat, Continuous Terrain for Improved Deliverability
  • Close Proximity to Soul Operations base means Maximized Value Add to End User, we feel we are the most Cost Effective Solution
Downhole Instrumentation
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